Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things we take for granted

As I watch all of these bowl games and the teams I picked to win go down faster than a blah blah blah sorority girl something something, I find it frustrating to cheer for these losers. As Ohio State fans, sure our team is far from perfect, but damn there are some things we can at least count on that not everyone gets to.


A 39 yard field goal is a chip shot...Not since Stoltz have we held our breathe for simple field goals. Year after year our kickers are almost as reliable as an NFL kicker. I appreciate that.

The ability to stop the run....These teams give up 7 yards a carry but the offenses then insist on passing on 2nd and 3rd and short.

More special teams...Kickoffs that get past the 20. These weak ass kickers keep floating balls to the upbacks.

An intelligent coach...4th and 4 around midfield and Air Force just ran the option. How about Miami's clock management in the last minute of their game? This isn't PS3 (or whatever the kids play now).

A one travels better. These empty stands rival those of the WNBA. They must just give away seats at these things.

A respectable mascot who isn't a jackass. 3 words, The Auburn Tiger.

Cornerbacks who aren't white walk-ons...Again, I'm watching you Air Force.

A commercial about our university produced after 1997.

Announcers who know what they're talking about Honestly if that Huard guy says, "Dialed Up" one more time...And did anyone else hear him say Historisticity? I could have sworn I heard him use that "word."

All of those things have frustrated me. Northwestern, "The Smart School" couldn't pick up a blitz or intercept any of those terrible Favre-esh passes.

One little note about our game. I think Tressel, being the underdog, might try some trick plays. Maybe just one or two and no, the reverse on the kickoff return doesn't count.


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