Friday, March 13, 2009

Winner gets Michigan State

It's only fair that I resume as Diebler hits an important 3 to put us back ahead. We were down 7 and somehow discovered an offense. The half court trap is working as some white guy who appears to have a huge hickey turned it over. Neither team has a true go-to player (don't tell Evan Turner).

This just in Dick Vitale has just been inducted to the Hooters Hall of Fame! He thanks them by saying they belong in the restaurant Hall of Fame. they don't.

Game back on...Mullins fouls out with 1 second left on the shotclock, and the Badger fans copy Duke as he heads to the noble.

Tie game 1:43 and Treg Lee Lauderdale keeps a rebound alive and we keep the ball on the arrow. If Dick Vitale was doing this game he'd go into his thing about how they need to jump it up again...except he avoids doing Big Ten games. I can't say I blame him.

A basket here would do wonders but instead of running a play we'll wait for the shotclock to go under 10, and Turner scores!

Rebound and a phantom timeout is called! Apparently the Wisconsin bench called a timeout without possession. Meanwhile Turner was fouled so hard he'll need to update his facebook status from single to "it's complicated."

Earlier in the game Hill had to have a pen taken from his sock during a free throw. Perhaps that pen helped him make important free throws because he's only 1 of 2 on this one.

32 seconds left, timeout. I'll write this letter...

Dear Thad,
Please take the defense out of the zone, they're giving up too many 3's, especially from the corner. Try man to man.


Coach Rob Durham

Skinny white dude shoots, and fades back to half court instead of getting rebound...Hill to ice the game from the free throw line. Guh. There's 1! 4 point lead. Misses the other.

Not a bad foul, 1 and 1 which he makes...bad foul. We'll need to get the ball in, and make 2 free throws to clinch it.

1 down! 2nd rolls in...ballgame! 14-3 run. Didn't it feel like the football game against them?


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