Tuesday, February 24, 2009

19 years ago this month...

Last night ESPN2 aired the Douglas vs. Tyson fight. I don't think I had ever seen the whole thing in its entirety so I felt as a sports fan, especially from Columbus, that I should watch it. I had seen the knockdowns but I needed to see the rest. Here are my thoughts.

Tyson didn't win a round until the 6th or 7th. He may have lost the decision although it would have been fixed for him to win I imagine. It was neat to hear the announcers admit Douglas was for real early on. They seemed to sense it in the first round.

When Douglas got knocked down he may not have been up by the count of 10. Obviously he recovered fine and took it to Tyson in the very next round, but I can see how Don King thought he had a right to bitch.

Tyson was not okay by the count of 10. He was goooone. Had he continued somehow I can only assume Douglas would have knocked him out later that round. His legs just weren't under him the entire fight.

Mike Tyson's Punchout had a very accurate portrayal of his uppercut. For an 8 bit game the swing is dead on.

The funniest part about the whole thing is the $12,000,000 opportunity Holyfield saw slip away because he was supposed to fight Tyson that June.

I also watched a fight from when Tyson was 19. His voice wasn't all high and whiny, he was respectful to the reporter afterward and was in perfect condition. Nineteen! That's so young!

I don't think boxing will ever be at that level again. MMA is just a lot more fun to watch and follow now. It still has integrity and it'll be hard for money to ruin it. I think it's because it's so much more dangerous. No one can just go through the motions plus there are so many more guys involved. They come from everywhere, not just the ghetto gyms.


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