Thursday, January 01, 2009

Shut up Herbstreit

"Do you get any points for losing all of your bowl games, oh wait, the Big Ten won with Iowa."

Thanks Herby. As we all picked, USC is winning again, the Big Ten is sucking ass, and it's going to be up to us to save any sort of face at all for the conference (gulp).

So what does The Dur always do when things aren't going his way?
single out poor shooting percentages
I make excuses!

Here's what I propose. Just for one year only...we'll say, 2011. All of the bowl games are moved north to cold environments. The Shoe gets to host the "Apple Bowl." Ann Arbor hosts the Cambell's Soup "Chowder Bowl." BCS Championship will be played at the Beaver Bowl.

It's a different game with weather involved. Did anyone see week 17 of the NFL? The Big Ten recruits its players knowing how they play in these conditions. It's a different game!
In 100 years if this warm weather/cold weather tradition and split continues, we'll have two different systems. "This year's cold weather Champion...Ohio State for the 12th year in a row!"
Finally, we can win with white cornerbacks! We'll provide linemen and linebackers to the NFL, the Confederacy south provides the skill positions.

So it's halftime now. JoPa isn't even going to the locker room. Uhhh, that...should...get...the troops...fired...up.

I'm watching these Penn State fans stunned and silent and hoping I don't see the same from our people on Monday.

(One final question...why would a snowman have a cellphone?)


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