Monday, January 05, 2009

Fiesta Bowl live blog that you'll read much later

After exchanging punts Buckeyes lead 3-0. That's right Big 12, we kick from 50 yards like an NFL team. A few mistakes early on, the first being Pryor running out of bounds instead of getting the first down. The second, recruiting Alex Boone to Ohio State and having him play. The third, frying my own wings and fries the night before I have to work. I expect McCoy to throw at least 45 passes in this one. They won't run on us just yet.

About this punting stuff. I don't like the ruby punt. There has to be some defense we can put in there to make it look as division II as it is.

Beanie Wells with a big carry. Time of possesion is in our favor so far. They'll have a few big plays against us, but if our defense gets to rest they're less likely to get burnt. In other obvious news, Texas likes to drum. Pryor runs for a first down but again runs out of bounds like Emmit Smith when he was a Cardinal.

Field goal try...FAIL. Bad hold and maybe a reminder to Tressel to stop coaching this like an NFL game. 4th and short isnt' that hard to get.

Texas drives it near our red zone as the first quarter comes to an end. 3-0.

A ball is almost tipped and pick sixed, but instead sets up 3rd and 10. We need a few lucky bounces tonight...instead a weak blitz leads to what is certain to be a touchdown. The good news is, McCoy's broad looks a lot better than what's her face who dated brady Quinn 3 years ago.
Whoa, we might hold them to 3! The kick will be from the middle, those are easiest to block.
Hunter Lawrence? Seriously? They named him that?

3-3 midway through 2.

This is encouraging, Beanie and Pryor take turns getting first downs and now Beanie inside the 20! We're starting to see that Big 12 Defense that gave Oklahoma 1000 points this year. Herron isn't going anywhere and the Texas band keeps pounding away...with cowbells?
Pryor takes it down to the 5. I think it's funny how we're Vince Young-ing them.

Was there some meeting with the O-line before the game, "Hey, get a false start or you're queer!" Why not use Pryor running around on 3rd and long? He tends to pick those up. The boos come out and let Tressel know. 6-3 Buckeyes.

Yikes, the half ends in a scare. Not smart football at all and we're AHEAD! I'll finiish these thoughts tomorrow.

I'm back. How are we still in this? Why was that the 2 point converstion play? Thad Matta smiled at the bounce pass. Why does tomorrow have to be the first time I have to teach in almost a month?


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