Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More hockey action!

YOUR CBJ's are on my TV tonight against the Blues and though they blew a game against Dallas, they're still in the mix of things and up 4-1 tonight. I'll admit it, I'm checking the standings every day. Hockey is weird, sometimes a 6 seed will make it to the Finals. Vancouver did it in the mid-90's. (I used them on Blades of Steel so I thought I was a fan back then)
Apparently we have a few Buckeyes on the ice. That adds some points.

I can't really blog these games (yet). I can't sit through 2 half times and I don't know any of their names. It would be Nash...Nash, and some other guys, and there's Nash, and then a penalty. Go Nash! Score?! YEAH, SCORE!

The Blues announcers are bitching about one of our guys throwing the puck.

In other news the Buckeyes play Northwestern tonight. If they want to avoid any bubble talk they'll win.

2nd period over 4-1. Surely we can protect that and I can switch over to Top Chef in a little bit.


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