Wednesday, November 04, 2009

World Series Game 6 (Forgive me, I'm a Yankees fan)

After 1 inning neither team has done much. Rudy Giuliani's woman is freezing which seems to match her frozen plastic surgery expression. I've started a drinking game involving taking a drink every time the Yankee fans start the Who's Your Daddy chant. This game can be repeated at some open mic comedy shows as that hacky line finds it way into a lot of acts.

In the bottom of the 2nd after an A-Rod walk Matsui has come close to hitting one out and hitting a double, both foul. This game will come close to 4 1/2 hours I have a feeling. Pedro had a meeting with his catcher after his first damn pitch.

Matsui hits a 2 run homer!!! Crowd outs! Momentum! Glory!
After 2 innings, 2-0 Yankees.

Phillies score on a pinball triple and a sac fly. Good news is Pettitte isn't throwing many pitches, 37 through 3. Gardner, who is filling in for an injured Cabrera, seems to be a liability in the field and at bat. Jeter singles with 1 out.
Pedro seems to be throwing just as many change-ups tonight. If the Yankees stay patient with that they won't fall behind in the count. The goal is to be tied or ahead and have Pedro hit 100 pitches by the 6th inning. The Phillies have an HK and a coat hanging in the dugout to honor a fallen icon. So far this postseason the Yankees are 1-0 against teams who hang clothes in honor of a fallen friend in their dugout.
With one out in the bottom of 3, Damon walks on the 51st pitch by Pedro. Bullpen being called. Teixeira is hit and bases are loaded for A-Rod. Even a sac fly would be great here to regain the 2 run lead. A-Rod strikes out on a ball way outside. Matsui again with an RBI single!
Top of the 5th led off with a strikeout by Pettitte. Just counting down to the 8th.
We're counting down the outs until Rivera. Pettitte came off a couple outs too late but oh well. 7-3 after Matsui makes a case to be resigned instead of Damon...probably won't happen though. Joba to get it to Rivera.
Into the 7th, this would seem to be the best chance for the Phillies to come back with 2 guys on and Utley up to bat. Marte relieves Joba and it's 0-2. Strike 3 on a check swing! 3 pitch K!
Into the 8th, will Rivera pitch the 8th inning? Maybe not with a 4 run lead.


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