Monday, March 16, 2009

NCAA gameplan

OK guys, here's what we'll do...

Drive, get ball to Mullins, take early lead. Mullins will get in foul trouble before first TV timeout and have to sit. Buford will make a shot early on to justify him taking a dozen more off balance before the half. From then on Turner will drive and throw up a prayer or kick out to Diebler for a long range three (remember that one he made that one time?). Add a touch of stupid turnovers and a few missed assignments in the zone for wide open dunks and we've got ourselves a gameplan!

Honestly I think we can handle Sienna. I know most brackets will have them upsetting us (as if they watched Seinna play over the season), but after that, yeah, we don't deserve to go against Louisville in the 2nd round. I'm sure they're not happy about it either as we're playing a short drive away from home.

In other tournament picks, I think Memphis got a 1b. seed. That bracket hugs nuts. UCONN will lose early. I expect Memphis to make it back to the final game and possibly win though my first 4 brackets have others. When Jack-Fu gets ours out I'll take Memphis to win it all.

(How great would it have been if Michigan didn't get picked when they had all those people in their gym waiting to cheer?)


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