Friday, May 29, 2009

Cavs down 3-2, it's over

Just another disappointing Ohio team screwing it up for the state. I haven't been able to watch the entire games when the Cavs are playing Orlando but I usually tune in near the end of the first half with this as my thought process...

"Oh good, we're up 6."

Announcer: And the lead that was once 23 is down to six--make that 3 as Orlando hits another one from downtown!

Dammit! Then there are times in the 2nd half when I wonder if the Cavs will even score again. This team reminds me of my dorm team from my freshman year of college. We were so bad that I...ME! Rob Durham, had to do most of the scoring. When that's the case, you're not going to win.

The sad thing is they're a couple (more) buzzer beaters away from having this series clinched. I don't know when Orlando got so good but they remind me of old Spurs teams, even before Tony Parker.


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