Sunday, March 14, 2010

Probably a 2 seed

It's midway through the first half of the Big Ten Championship a few hours before the selection show. Duke won so I can't imagine us beating them out for a 1 seed, but it puts as the number one 2 seed, meaning we'll get into Duke or West Virginia's bracket. It's not that I'm confident we can beat those teams, but I think they're more likely to be upset than Kentucky or Kansas obviously.

Clark Kellogg is doing his best to establish two things:
1. He's not going to be a homer announcer.
2. Making sense isn't very important.

...And holy shit Deebler just dunked one on a breakaway!

Now onto the negativity you've come to know and love from me.

1. Evan Turner can't have more than 3 turnovers per game. In other words, stop throwing it to Deebler on the fast break. Evan and others need to stop gambling on defense so much as well.

2. We only have 6 guys. PJ Hill has disappeared. Everyone is tired so it wouldn't surprise me to see us blow this game late in the 2nd half. The Gophers use 8-10 guys and had a blowout win yesterday.

3. We're still a little dum-bah...Note the end of the first half and the silly turnovers against Illinois. (not nearly as dumb as last year though)

4. We haven't won a NCAA tourny game since Greg Oden was playing (though we won the NIT that one year).

5. The committee usually screws us over with who we play, where we play, and when we play (first game of the tournament sometimes).

On a good note...

1. Deebler seems to be able to shoot this year and has the most 3's by any Buckeye in history (who had the record before him?).

2. Turner seems to try harder when we need it.

3. Florida should be out.

4. A lot of the other good teams have struggled. Syracuse, Kentucky, and even Duke aren't peaking right now.

5. There's a chance we could play Ohio U. That'd be fun, right?

UPDATE--After hitting 11 or so shots in a row this game has turned into a much needed blowout. They finally played a complete game without too many droughts. Lighty looks great so even though we only have 6 guys who can play, they're a really strong 6.

I'll try and give my bracket breakdown and perhaps we'll get a bracket going on More updates later this week. What a strong decade (I'm counting this season as last decade) for Ohio State as far as the Big Ten is concerned. How many basketball and football titles did we win?


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