Thursday, February 10, 2005

Pat yourself on the back

Ok, I see your point about the patriots being a winning team in an age a mediocrity. I'm willing to concede that's probably true. The reason it's impressive is that the team is willing to stay together. The salary cap means these players could individually get paid more to go elsewhere, but instead they take a paycut to remain champions. Personally, it should be an easy decision, get paid 3 million to be a winner or 5 million to be on a 5-11 team. However, that latter of the two choices is the one that usually wins out in the sports world. The patriots have managed to put together a group of guys without much ego. Maybe it's the GM that should be commended.

So the media likes to have a team that's a "dynasty"? I'd have to agree with you in principle, but only because I think the media like to have an easy job. It seems they just wanna rehash the same old shit and stop looking for fresh stories. It's just easier for them, the lazy bastards. If there's a dynasty, then they know where to do the story. It's the same reason Clarett won't go away. It's the same reason last night on sportscenter I saw a segment on Jordan. Isn't there something else we could hear about besides Jordan?!?!

In regards to Boston College, I can't believe that was their first televised non-regional game. It's just absurd. I'll tell you why they haven't been telecast: star power and casual fan. They don't have any stars and no interest to the casual fan. There aren't that many who love a mean flex cut or flash to the high post. (Which is criminal by the way.) I couldn't even name one player off of their team. Also, I don't care what you say about T-Bell and Sidney. Those guys were great. Troy Bell was the most protected college player this side of TJ Ford, and Ryan Sidnay was a 6-2 power forward with his mouth wired shut!!! What a fun team. If only you could throw some Billy Curly in the mix. Sign me up!!


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