Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Three Days Later - Thoughts on the Super Bowl

*Okay, so apparently Donovan McNabb was sick during the Eagles' inexplicable 4-minute drill when they were down by two scores late in the game. So sick, in fact, that Freddie Mitchell actually had to call one of the plays in the huddle, because McNabb was too busy puking. Yum. So my question is ... how the hell did we not find out about this until yesterday? What the hell was the FOX production team doing? We have cameramen and sound guys up and down the sidelines, cameras floating over the goddamn field on wires, a fucking PYLON CAM?!? Come on, FOX. That's a pretty important piece of information, you know, considering that one of football's star QBs was vomiting on the field amid the most bizarre 6 minutes of Super Bowl play since Trent Dilfer was leading 70-yd drives against the Giants. Plus, I mean, we could have heard Joe Buck flipping out and going "Aw, aw, we are SORRY we had to POLLUTE THE AIRWAVES with that display!"

*Okay, I enjoy former Buckeyes scoring TDs in Super Bowls as much as the next guy, but honestly, how pissed would you be if you were a Patriots TE? How angry must Christian Fauria be, sitting on the sideline like "Oh thanks, coach. You can put me on the Hands Team for kickoffs, but when we have the ball on the goal line you have to put a FUCKING LINEBACKER IN FOR ME?"

*All right, can someone answer me this? When the fuck was the last time a New England Patriots receiver dropped a pass? December? September? Fucking EVER? Yeah, Tom Brady is a very good QB, and he's poised, and blah blah looks-off-receivers blah. But those guys catch everything.

*Out of all the bitching that's going on about how Philly handled the end of the game, why the hell isn't anyone asking why the fuck the Eagles onside-kicked after they pulled within 3 with 1:50 left? They had 2 timeouts, all they had to do was hold the Patriots to a 3-and-out (which they did), and they end up getting the ball back with 35 seconds left at about their own 35 or 40, not their own 4. Isn't that a much better situation to be in when you need to kick a game-tying field goal? I can't have been the only one who was screaming at the TV when that happened, could I?

*As for the talk about the Patriots now being a "dynasty," I mean ... maybe. Maybe. Everyone seems to be saying it. So why doesn't it feel like it, then? I mean, we've come to associate dynasties with greatness, right? I find it very difficult to call the Patriots an unqualified great team, at least, in the context of the annals of NFL history. What they are is effeicient. The Patriots are more efficient than everyone else in this day and age of the NFL. But have we reached a point where we're gonna label a consistent and supremely-efficient team as an all-time great one? As J.A. Adande said, the Patriots are the one consistent, straight-sailing ship in a sea of mediocrity. Does that make them a "dyansty"? I don't know, but I certainly don't think the issue is as big of a cut-and-dried "yes" as everyone else seems to...


At 12:28 AM, February 10, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hollywood_East here...

Excellent point FU. Fox DID have cameras everywhere. Not only did they have a pylon cam, but (as with their baseball coverage) they had cameras in the ground pointed skyward. You may remember a single shot directly up into crotch of the center. And yet they DID miss McNabb's sickness. So, what's the problem? Fox is the problem. Maybe I'm a bit bias, but I'm tired of Fox. If they aren't ripping off the creative works of other networks, they're fouling up sports coverage. It really should come as know surprise that they missed some of the important points of the final 6 minutes of the Super Bowl. One shouldn't expect anything terribly wonderful from the network that continuously chooses to place Joe Buck in the booth of the most important sporting events of the year. Well, at least they didn't put McCarver up there with him.


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