Saturday, February 12, 2005

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This whole "The Patriots take pay cuts to be on a great team" bullshit is yet another media creation. The only one who actually did that was Bruschi. Don't forget that Lawyer Milloy took off to get more money, and that Ty Law will likely do the same this offseason. Also don't forget that the Patriots stole Corey Dillon and Rodney Harrison for pennies on the dollar because those guys didn't like playing for losers, and decided that it'd be easier to join up with the biggest bully in the playground than to make their own teams play up to that level.

And fuck Ryan Sidney. His senior year he was fun, when he was, indeed, a 6'2" power forward with his jaw wired shut. But I'm talking about those couple of years before that, when he and Bell were in the backcourt of The Most Overrated Team in America Other Than LSU and St. Joseph's (Marvin O'Connor St. Joe's, not Jameer Nelson St. Joe's), as they teamed up with Jonathan Beerbong to form the worst tournament 3-seed since B.J. McKie was guiding South Carolina to a loss against Coppin Friggin' State. No wait, SC was a 2-seed that year. Bah, they were still terrible. You get the point.

Speaking of college hoops, at the moment, Luther Head is single-handedly beating Wisconsin. The Steenking Badgers keep hanging around, and I'm not really sure how, but Head is everywhere in this game. Oh my God, I can't believe I just said that! Tee-hee! Anywho, Todd and I have agreed that Illinois will not be beaten unless they just don't show up for a game. If they want to win, they're going to. Exhibit A is when they absotively throttled Wake in December. Exhibit B is last week's game against Michigan. Michigan did everything they had to do to win that game, and at about the 11:00 mark of the second half, Illinois just decided they were going to win the game, and went on like a 12-0 run and then the game, for all intents and purposes, was over. Adios. This year's tourney is theirs to lose. They're the best passing team, the smartest team, and one of the best-shooting teams.

(Did I just make them lose in the Sweet Sixteen? 'Cause if I did, I mean, I wouldn't really feel bad about that...)


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