Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Follow up to Fu

I'd be remiss if I didn't throw in a few thoughts of my own about the ncaa title game.

Sean May was, without a doubt, the best player on the floor. He also was the most protected. I don't think it was anywhere as close as TJ Ford territory, but it was obvious.

Luther Head was the most frustrating player on the court. He NEVER looked to drive or be inside the three point line at any time. At the end of the game, he looked scared about taking the "winning" shot. As a result, he missed at least 3.

Dee Brown should have been more involved.

No matter which team won or lost, the loser lost because of coaching and the winner won in spite of themselves.
a) Sean May gave UNC a 15 point lead, so let's not get him the ball again for an 8 minute stretch in the second half
b) Felton picks up 2 fouls, let's not drive and try to pick up a third on him in the first half.
c) Felton picks up 2 fouls, he plays most of the first half anyway
d) due to the fouls, unc goes to a zone and illinois NEVER NEVER NEVER goes to the high post and is eaten alive by it
e) unc comes out of the zone, despite how effective it was
f) even though unc loves to reach and hack, no inside drives by the illini (however, they weren't called that much anyway)

All I kept thinking about Roy Williams winning was Tom Osborne in 1994. He really deserves a title, let's get him one.

It's so frustrating that a "team" won the NCAA tourney who's defensive philosophy is, "I hope the other team misses."

It cannot be stated enough: McCants is the laziest college player I've EVER seen.

Packer's love of the ACC and hatred of moving screens was interesting. It was also interesting that everyone just basically ignores him. I don't think Nantz and Fudge were in the same room together.

Overall, I've been happy with CBS's coverage of the NCAA tourney as long as I can remember. However, I think it's time for some new blood. They did away with most usage of THE college basketball jingle and of course the commentators are too much. I mean, I love Gus Johnson, but the guys who are getting the "premier" games just aren't that good. Nantz isn't even watching the game and is very proud of himself for "cute" phrases. Fudge has his own agenda. Raftey is a walking cliche. Ridiculous. I'd like to think it'll get better, but it won't. Arg.

I need to write on baseball.


At 7:19 PM, April 06, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...

And speaking of Nantz and his "cute" phrases, I noticed him shouting "There's a new Dean in college basketball!" at the end of the game. Ugh. It's not quite as bad as "Juan shining moment!" or last year's painful "The 'Meka of college basketball is in Storrs," but still. Blech. He might have said another one after the "Dean" abortion, but I had turned my TV off and was too busy projectile vomiting to notice.

At 12:34 PM, April 07, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the both of yas(YAZ?):
Both of your takes on the title game were right on the money. They might be your best anal cysts yet. That being said, I hated the outcome of that game. Let's never speak of it again. It didn't happen.

As for CBS putting new blood into their broadcast duos, I agree that its time. Nantz is better when he's doing golf and you're totally correct that no one (viewers, Nantz, etc.) listens to Packer. I'm still holding out hope that Raftery will return to his old self next season though. Gosh, I miss Al McGuire. What a crazy, senile old guy that was a blast to listen to.

- Nips


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