Saturday, April 02, 2005

Between game thoughts

1) Garcia, HELLO!!!, where did you go?? He vanished in the second half. Incredibly bizarre.
2) Illinois, please get the ball to the high post against the zone. They just refused to go there, and when they finally would cut, two of them would go totally defeating the purpose.
3) What a great start by Louisville wasted. Getting all those early fouls and not taking advantage was a bad move.
4) I knew once Illinois got up 10 Louisville would start taking quick threes. That's why I was so angry everytime they'd get up by 6 and then give up 5 straight.
5) Ok, did anyone else notice what happened at the end of the first half? Garcia traveled and the whistle blew. I didn't have tivo, but I think there should have been about 1 second and Illinois ball on their half of the floor. Packer actually called it and Nantz was too busy thinking of some cute segway to noticed what happened. It was a strange scene, and noboby seemed to care.
6) Maybe I've just become jaded toward cbs, but it seemed like Packer really wanted Pitino to win. Everything was about his "great" coaching moves like stomping the floor. Wayta go coach, use that foot!!! The announcers seemed more "into" the game as UL was doing well. Maybe it was just b\c they wanted a close game. I'm hoping that's it.
7) Roger Powell? What was going on? I think as the pope's soul left the planet he decided to take control of the reverend and let him drill 2 huge threes. However, he wasn't with him when he shoot into the bottom of the backboard.
8) C'mon MSU, make it an all Big 10 final.


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