Saturday, April 02, 2005

Quick Picks to Click

As I mentioned to Jack earlier this week, I think that Illinois and UNC should be able to advance without much difficulty. However, there's a couple reasons that it won't happen.

1) Bruce Weber: He has quietly made some huge coaching blunders. No one notices b\c his team keeps toby bailing him out. He does a great job of motivating, but his coaching decisions are terrible. He keeps playing Powell on the biggest opposing player. He paid WAY to much attention to salim and allowed the post players of Arizona to dominate. Therefore, if he does the same thing to Garcia, look for Dean or a post player to have 20-25 points on 80% shooting. The 3 guards are all good enough defenders to play one-on-one with anybody. If that happens, and weber doesn't do some other weird thing, expect the Illini to win by 10. Illinois 84 Louisville 76

2) Take one guess...If you said anything other that Roy Williams, your blog reading rights have been revoked. For reasons unknown to me, he takes May and Felton out at the same time. That team isn't that good when they're both out. Mostly b\c they look for them to score and are lost without them. Also, he doesn't make his team play defense. If they don't, msu will torch them from outside.

Despite Roy Williams, UNC could still win b\c of May. Paul Davis will have no chance defending him. I think playing Trannon on him would work well. He had some trouble against the bigger athletes of Villinova. Mich. St. does play smart with experienced guards that can drive and finish. If Brown and Ager are causing fouls in the lane, the Spartans will pull it out.

I can't see UNC just deciding to play defense now. They want Illinois and won't go full gear until the title game. Mich St is too good to be taken lightly. Spartans 87 Tar Heels 84


At 6:49 PM, April 02, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...

I was unable to get onto the computer before gametime, so let me just say that I endorse both of Dids's messages 100%.

Go Illini. Go Spartans.


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