Saturday, April 02, 2005

Casual fans rejoice

So, the world gets what they want with a unc vs. Illinois final. Hurray? Just a few final thoughts on the final four games. Nantz and Packer said it was the pace of the game that killed MSU and then praised Fu's favorite, Seth Davis, for calling it. Unless the argument is that UNC always makes ridiculous shots while up-tempo, then I'm not buying it. They made the shots and the spartans didn't, so I give them credit there. Fucking Chris Hill torches OSU and can't make a goddamn shot against UNC. They were open shots too, that's the most frustrating part.

Other thoughts...
While watching the MSU/UNC game, I became understandably irritated and would periodically switch to the 2004 US Poker coverage on espn. I was watching John D'Agastino play with chip lead that was at one point 1.6 million to 400,000 for second place. He somehow got dwindled down so that he had exactly one more chip than Hoyt Corkins who goes all-in with 8 7 os. D'agie calls with wired 10s. After the turn, Hoyt has quad sevens and D'agie is hepta-furious. That's right, the unreal, 7-sided FURY!!!! Hoyt has the gall (not to be confused with France) to then ask him to push the chips over to him. JD used all 7 sides to basically throw all of his once chips to Hoyt. Norman Chad scolds him. The very next hand he's blinded in with 1 chip. He has pocket Kings and two other people have gone all-in with QQ and JJ. The flop comes rag Q J. Dagie is beat by both players with the worst luck I've ever seen.

If you ever want to be a Packer-esque broadcaster, remember these two gems from the UNC/MSU game.
1) "Great move by Roy Williams to bring in another ball handler. I think they'll really need a second guard out there down the stretch." - he wasn't being sarcastic
2) "The team that gives up the lead sometimes allows the comeback" - This statement was not taken out of context. He just said it and moved on.


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