Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The countdown begins

Welcome one and all to the countdown of the greatest 91 video games of all-time. Some ground rules.

1) The rankings encompass how highly the game is regarded AND my personal affinity for the game. They were judged on these factors:
a) Graphics/Sound (of that era)
b) Popularity
c) Ground-Breaking
d) Fun Factor
e) Legendary Status
f) Replayability
g) The Memories....*sigh*

2) As you will see, the games are Nintendo heavy. I was living in a Nintendo World, and I am a Nintendo Girl...uhhh...Boy. Whatever. Apologies to come later...
3) Debating my choices is encouraged, however, as well all know, appeal to Todd is the final verdict.
4) Games include any system from any era

Some statistics.....I took a few liberties with the genre to make it simpler but here's the breakdown. Including the honorable mentions and the apologies there 107 total titles.

By System
NES: 37
PC: 27
PS: 14
Arcade: 9
N64: 8
Gamecube, Xbox, Sega: 1

Reaction: I'm a little surprised only 9 titles from SNES made the list.

By Genre
Sports: 25
Action/Adventure: 21
Platformer: 18
Arcade: 14
RPG: 9
Shooter: 8
RTS (Real-time Strategy): 7
Puzzle: 5

Reaction: Considering racing games got grouped into sports, this list broke down about as I expected.

Ok, I'll be the first to admit I haven't played every game EVER. So here's a list of titles that get snubbed due to my lack of knowledge. Sorted by...ASCII.Value(name[0]))

Civilization (PC) - RTS
Great game all-around, however I was a SimCity guy and that's why this one didn't make my hard drive.

Diablo II (PC) - RPG
I have no idea why I never played this game. Seems like I should have.

Everquest (PC) - RPG
This game was THE on-line game before WoW showed up. Think it might show up on the list? I'd like some guesses on it's location.

The others....no notes.
God of War (PS) - Action
Kirby's Dreamland (NES) - Platformer
Metal Gear Solid (PS) - Action
Resident Evil 4 (PS) - Action
Soul Caliber (PS) - Action
Tekken (PS) - Arcade
Tomb Raider (PS) - Action
Tony Hawk (PS) - Sports

Honorable Mentions....
A few games stuck out in my memory but I just couldn't include them on the list of 91.

Adventure Island (NES) - Platformer
Ok, so for the most part, this game sucked, but it holds a place in my heart for no real reason. I did enjoy the fat guy's crazy vertical leap and for some reason he has a skateboard.

Cabal (NES) - Action
*SEE ABOVE sans any skateboards or jumping

Frogger (PC) - Action
This game was popular AND legendary, but I hated it.

Marble Madness (PC) - Arcade
Probably the most irritating game of all-time. I think that in itself is worth noting.

Super Off Road (Arcade) - Sports
I absolutely LOVED this game in the arcade. Getting 4 greazed up losers in a bowling alley playing this one was always a blast. Just wasn't the same when it was released for console play.

Remember...this is only the beginning. Next post will begin the actual list.


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