Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hey media: I don't give a shit about Barbaro

Fucking every day on SportsCenter I have to watch a piece about a fucking horse that got hurt in a stupid horse race that nobody cares about. Bases-ball has gotten in full swing, a fantastic NBA playoffs is coming to a crescendo, the NHL playoffs are ... getting there (Edmonton v. Buffalo! Huzzah!), the WNBA season just tipped off (I ... uh ... ), and ... shit, I don't know, there are about a thousand other things that are sports-related or at least sports-adjacent that I'd rather hear about than the fate of a fucking soon-to-be glue bottle. I understand that they have to find something to fill the suddenly vacant Barry Bonds Freak Show slots, but Christ on a bike, there has to be something more interesting than a bunch of people putting up signs around a horse's stable that read "we love you, Barbaro" and "believe in miracles," as if he can read the damn things. Just put him out to stud and call Elmer's. Or, better yet, Colonel Belmont:

Couple of clerical issues: thanks to Ian at Sexy Results!, I tangentially ended up finding this list of the Top 20 White American NBA Players of the last Twenty Years. It is, needless to say, sublime. Anything that makes me think of the early 90s Phoenix teams (THREE guys on the list), as well as Bill Laimbeer, Jack Sikma, and ... and ... MARK EATON (!!!) certainly gets the MWB's Seal of Approval (note: no actual seal exists).

Also, I found another use for the stupid college-version-of-Friendster site The Facebook. Well, it's actually the same use as before: finding hilarious pictures of Al. In honor of the upcoming Cuervo Open, (and because the old one has apparently gone to squish) here's some hot Al action to get everybody excited:

There are dozens of us! DOZENS!


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