Friday, May 05, 2006

She's Got a Horse Like a Face !!!!

Nipsey’s Kentucky Derby Picks!!!

Okay, so I know that not everyone likes the horsies.

But, I would be remiss if I didn’t make some picks for the Derby. All the experts are saying how confused they are this time around.

Some professional prognosticators had this to say:
“Never has there been a Kentucky Derby that had me this perplexed.” - Bill Finley
“I can't recall the last time I felt so vague about a Derby.” - Ed McNamara

Anyway, after doing some scant research, here are my picks:
1. Sweetnorthernsaint (10-1)
2. Barbaro (6-1)
3. Steppenwolfer (25-1)
The two favorites (oddswise), Brother Derek & Lawyer Ron, got some shitty post positions considering the size of the field, how short the race is, and the fact that the early pace is expected to be redonkulous. I’m basically writing those 2 off. This race is going to a stalker from a decent gate #.

Now for those of you still here, take a look at this and try to keep it in your pants:


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