Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Plundering the Internet: Part the Second

Both of you know what's going on with this series, so let's get right to it.

Here is a video of what has to be one of the greatest sports brawls of all time. It took place long ago during a match between Russia and Canada.
Audio safe for work.
Video safe for work.

Keeping with the sports theme, this is a video of someone making a full court shot as time expires to win what looks like a low-division college basketball game. They even replay the video and pause it so you can see the release and the clock in the background at 0.1 seconds. Pretty impressive.
Audio safe for work.
Video safe for work.

I don't want to even prepare you for what happens here. All I'll say is, "HONK". Oh, and it must be noted that one of the gentlemen in this video has incredible focus.
Audio safe for work.
Video NOT safe for work.

This is a video where Nipsey apparently called into QVC under the pseudonym Randy. Okay, so this probably isn't a real prank but it's still funny because I think of Nipsey; he happens a lot.
Audio not safe for work.
Video safe for work.

Last, but certainly not least... this is actually my favorite of this video series. It's a video of an "Average Homeboy" who is trying to market himself as a rapper. Eminem he is not. Interesting? The best thing since wrestling. Absoltely love this video, can't say it enough.
Audio should be cranked up at work.
Video should be watched frequently at work.

Remember to keep your eye out for Mel Novak.


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