Monday, September 18, 2006

Specific response to a commenter! And Irish-bashing!

Fun for the whole family!

In case you didn't know, Michigan alum Break of Dawn asked for a prediction on the UM/ND game. I gave my honest assessment of a close Michigan victory, then warned about my tendency to brutally jinx any team I specifically predict to win. BoD was, quite properly, pleased and confused about my "jinxing." So, I say:

RE: me jinxing Michigan in the comments

I was seven yards off on my Mike Hart prediction. OMG SOOPER GENIUS!!!1!

RE: ND overration

The "how overrated was/is Notre Dame" question can be answered "tons" pretty much any time you ask it. They're always overhyped relative to their talent. I thought it was hilarious that everyone was saying their defense had magically gotten faster in the offseason after getting pantsed by OSU last year, and after only shutting down a GT team lead by Reggie Ball and a PSU team that lost its QB and 4 O-Linemen from what was a "meh" offense last year. The media will always pump up Notre Dame to levels they should not be occupying.

I loved the affirmation that ND's defense is still deathly slow, and now everybody knows it. And those corners are terrible. If you can run on them consistently and get just one of those two clowns on an island, you're almost assured of getting a long touchdown. They'd have a tough time covering me ... if I was blindfolded ... and in a wheelchair...

Two problems, though, one short term and one long term:

1.) After the MSU game this Saturday, it's cupcake city for the Irish until the USC game to close the year. They play all three service academies and a couple of Big East/ACC bottom feeders. Chances are more than good that they'll be 10-1 and ranked in the top 5, with everyone having forgotten about this game, by the time late November rolls around.

2.) Weis is recruiting like a motherfucker. He's getting almost USC-ish classes to come in. Now, some of this may be the media's tendency (especially Tom Lemming, who is notorious for this) to overrate any recruit who says Notre Dame is even interested in him. But early returns are that these first few Weis-coached teams will probably be the least-talented teams he'll have in his tenure. Time will tell.


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