Friday, February 25, 2005

Hiv me with you best shot!!

Ok, it's time to get back to what we do best around here at midwestbias. You were thinking sports?? FALSE!!! The correct answer is making fun of people. The even more correct answer is making fun of Fu. And the most correct answer, you guessed it: Frank Stallone. Oops, I mean making fun of Fu for liking Suzy Kolber. Normally I would be in full support of man-on-man action, but Suzy still lives the lie of pretending to be a girl.

But wait!!! You say "she" was accosted by Joe Namath for a kiss. I think this only proves my point even more. What kind of man wears a huge fur coat and panty hoes? If you said a very homosexual one, you were right. Also, I figured out that she's actually someone else. There is no Suzy Kolber people!!! It's actually Greg Louganis. The pictures please...

After Greg became Suzy, he gave his hair to Phil

They have the same eye brows, bags under the eyes, and well, HOTT man parts. Other than that, they don't look that similar, but that's not important. Operations are very good these days. However, I'm just telling the fact that Suzy Kolber has a penis. And where does that penis go? Well, in her mouth of course.

I liked the old hair better, slut

Look at the size of that twisted cake hole!! And an incredibly stupid greg-like look on her face. I can see why Jack loves him so much...great mouth, huge cock. Okay, I've had my fun. Next time I'll be back with something sports related. I can't believe I didn't make an aids joke. Weird. Okay to make up for it, I'm going to give Jeff a gay picture to wrap it up...OR YOU'LL GET AIDS!!! ENJOY!!

That is one horny package, and it's all for Jeff.


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