Tuesday, February 22, 2005

R.I.P. Reggie

We aren't talking the already dead and Jewish Reggie White. I'm saying goodbye to the greatest punter in NFL history, Reggie Roby. I'll remember the soaring high punts, the incredible leg extension, and the blackness. He's the greatest ever, no doubt. I can only assume that in memory of him, he'll be buried deep in the coffin corner.

In my new segment, "people who look like each other", I bring you this gem: point guard or midget? I'm pretty sure they're actually the same person. Have you ever seen Mike Bibby and Vern Troyer in the same room together? I didn't think so.


Background: Mega-Bibby......Foreskin: Jewish Guy with possible Sun Chips

You will never convinced me otherwise. Same person.

In regards to the Michael Jackson witnesses, yeesh. There's nothing more to add at this point.

Onto the steroids...
So Jose (can you see) Canseco Fieldhouse "wrote" a book. He alledges that basically everyone is on the juice. Are all of his stories true? I don't see any way they could be. He's crazy, broke, and needed the cash. I would even go as far to say that they may all be false. He knows that the public is eating up these steroids stories right now. He makes a bunch of stories and he doesn't have to prove any of it. It's a good way to make money, and it's going to work. However, it's more likely that about 10% of it is true. Do I think Big Mac was on the juice? No. I think he was taking over-the-counter supplements, but nothing illegal. What about Bonds? There's a lot of bad things that could have happened there. His trainer was a steroid dealer. That's just a bad move. I'm 100% positive that Brett Boone was on them. Did you ever see that guy shirtless 4-5 years ago?? He was a monster. Then compare him to Aaron Boone...gurrr, uhhhh...they don't look similar. The interesting one in all this is still sosa. While it seems to be accepted he's been on them, there hasn't been any linking of him to the other cases. Is he just smarter than the other guys? Wow, doesn't seem likely. I'm still not sure what to do with him. One guy I hope was on them was alex rodriguez. Then we could call him a-roid.

I think the new steroid testing policy will help, but it's not a tough as it should be. However, that's true of any pro sports drug policy. I think first offense should be 25% of a season and second offense should be banishment. But, if the NBA has taught me anything, it's that you can do whatever drugs you want as a pro athlete, and it really doesn't matter. So in summary, no one care what I think...fuckers.


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