Monday, February 28, 2005

Recker, damn near killed her!

All this talk of past Hawkeyes and you forgot Luke "drunken car" Recker. HE KILLED SOMEONE. What a sweet move on his part. Maybe he was drunk. Maybe he just wanted out of Arizona. Maybe she was pregnant and he was just smarter than Rae Carruth. Tragically his girlfriend only ended up in a wheelchair. I wonder if they're still dating? I mean, if she's paralyzed from the waist down, she wouldn't even notice the making. You'd just have to show more attention to her cripple nipple so she could get something out of it. Also, no love for Reggie Evans?? He's getting 10 boards a night for the Sonics. He isn't getting the same amount of fouls called on him as he did in big 10 play. However, he manages to be effective anyway. Furthermore, he's on of the 5 ugliest people I've ever seen. Right there with Scottie Pippen and Erin. However, Dean Oliver!!! I'll take all-of-er!!! Hey-O!! I should say olive-him, you know, since he's a he. He is adorable and so perfectly mini-a-ture!! He's already travel-size. Cute!! Teehee!! Ya gay

More on college basketball. Tomorrow is March 1st which means it's less than two weeks away from selection sunday people. Since I'm the resident bracketologist (Joe LeRetardo be damned), I'm going to give my loyal readers some insight into zee bubble teams. I feel required to do so since while watching College Gamenight Digger claimed that Indiana is a lock for the tourney. Uhhh, sure. Here's how I see it right now. There's 34 at-large bids available. Currently I give 24 teams "lock" status. Which means, unless massive collapse, they're in. That means there's 10 (decimal) spots left. That decimal joke worked on two levels, I'm proud. I figure there's about 20 teams with a realistic chance of getting in. Now, of the 24 "locks", 5 of them (Pacific, GW, So. Ill, Nevada, Utah) are conference leaders of a mid-major. Therefore, if they win their conf. tourneys, it's going to add to the 10 remaining spots. So, it's possible that more of these teams will make it than 10. However, some weird team could win a major conference tourney too and remove a spot. So think about that. Here's how I'd rate them at the moment. Remember, a lot is going to change in the next two weeks.

1) UCLA - very close to lock status with win over ND
2) DePaul - Solid overall and conf record, RPI of 41
3) Maryland - Two wins over duke and an RPI of 38...I'm not sold on this team yet, needs more work to make it, but right now, they're in
4) G-Tech - Probably in since committee will account for injuries. RPI of 44.
5) West Virginia - I don't see how you can keep this team out. Two wins over Pitt, a 15 point road win at LSU, solid overall record. RPI of 53.
6) Texas - The injuries have hurt them and will be frowned upon by committee. However, with an RPI of 35 and good resume, I think they deserve it.

Last four in.
7) Minnesota - 10 big ten wins and 20 overall with win over penn st this week. No real big wins to mention and rpi of 47. Probably needs two in big 10 tourney
8) Stanford - I'm not so sure why everyone is calling this team a lock. They're resume is very similar to Minny but with a slightly higher rpi at 36. However, if they beat washington this week, they're in for sure.
9) Wichita St. - C'mon!!! It's the shockers!!! RPI of 34. Whatever.
10) Miami (OH) - This team has a higher RPI (25) and beat Wichita St, shouldn't they be above them? Yes, so flip 9 and 10. I would, but I'm lazy.

Last four out.
11) Vermont - They basically have to win their conf. tourney after losing to Maine. I don't care if their RPI is 23. It's bullshit.
12) G'town - On a slide and don't look like a tourney team. RPI of 66 doesn't help.
13) Indiana - No way this team is a lock Digger. Overall record sucks along with RPI (69). Probably needs to make it to Big 10 finals.
14) Buffalo - Really? has them in right now. Really? I don't see it happening.

Hanging on...
15a & b) V-Tech and Miami (FL) - They've each had a nice season in a tough conf., but unless they do damage in the ACC tourney, there's no chance. RPI of 116 for v-tech is very bad. 63 for miami doesn't help them either.
17) ND - They suck.
18) Akron - Zippee!!!

If you'd like to see my 24 "lock" teams, I could probably do that. If you'd like to see an entire bracket with seeding, I could be convinced to do one. If you like pina colonics and getting caught in the rain, we could be friends.

Expect more on the tourney soon with such features as, how to beat Illinois, pre-selection "how to fill the bracket", and post-selection sunday bracket breakdown.


At 10:47 AM, March 01, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dids, I'm didsappointed.
You're making horribly offensive remarks about Iowa basketball and car accidents and you didn't mention Chris Street?!?!? You're slipping!

A few other things:
- No one has mentioned Reggie Evans because he actually was and still is talented. What's the fun in that? And no WAY does he even hold a candle to Pippen in the pantheon of ugly ballers.

- Nice work with your bubblicious bracketology rescitation. I never received my syllabus, though. A couple onipions (think about it) of my own:
i. Indiana is by no means a lock. They have a chance, but not much of one.

ii. I like ND more than you and think they're in at the moment simply becuase they're in the Big East.

iii. Stanford is probably in just because the committee won't let the PAC-10 (#2 conference in RPI) get only 2 teams.

iv. Minnesota is the epitome of a bubble team. I don't think they make it as of right now. (Big Ten's last in RPI for power conferences.)

v. Maryland is a lock.

vi. The most important point in all of this is the fact that this is the weirdest RPI ever and it will be very interesting to see how the committee uses it this year. I mean, look at Vermont as an example. Now, I would love to catamount Howard Dean's backside and scream with him as Taylor Coppenrath leads the team all the way to the Sweet 16, but it just ain't gonna happen. Vermont is a bad team. So, assuming they lose their conference tourney, is the committee gonna look at the fact that they suck or the fact that their RPI is somwhere in the top 30? Same goes (to a lesser extent) for the Shockers, Skinhawks, and a few other teams. These teams, for lack of a better term , "beat the system", inflating their RPI by beating average teams over and over and over. No big wins, but great win/loss record and a decent SOS. How will the committee treat this?
I honestly don't know, but I can't wait to find out. Because I'm a nerd.

- Sprechen die nipsey

At 12:12 PM, March 01, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...

Okay, responses to Nipsey:

A.) I would hesitate to call Reggie Evans "talented." I haven't watched a single Sonics game all year, so I have no idea how he scores the points he does, but it doesn't take "talent" to get the number of rebounds he accumulates. Plus, yes, he's incredibly ugly; but no, he's nowhere near as ugly as Scottie Pippen, who was Sam Cassell before Sam Cassell realized he was Sam Cassell and looks like an alien.

B.) On the oNIPions:
i. I think Indiana has to win the conference tourney. No way they get an at-large. Likely to finish the regular season 15-12, with an RPI in the 60s. Their best non-conference win is a toss-up between a neutral court win over Ball State and a 1-pt victory at home over ORAL Roberts. Combine that with the fact that they have 3 road wins all year, the best of which was over a depleted Michigan squad, and their chances look like shit. Grade-A shit.

ii. I think ND is in. It's very fashionable right now to jack off all over the Big East, and ND is smack-dab right in the middle of the pack. That loss to UCLA hurt them, but they're likely to finish 18-11, with an RPI hovering around 50. That's a classic bubble team if I've ever heard of one. I think the universal Big East love gets them in.

iii. I agree wholeheatedly about Stanford. Even though I think they're shit.

iv. Ten conference wins and 20 wins overall, with an RPI in the 40s, and Minny will be impossible to keep out.

v. Maryland isn't a lock per se, but as long as they don't absolutely gack their next two games (home against VT, and the first game of the ACC tourney), they're almost definitely in.

vi. The RPI is indeed wacky this year. And it has taken an enormous amount of criticism, because of the bizarre results it has given. Illinois was hovering around #4 in the RPI up until a week ago or so, and Vermont is a top-30 team like I'm Brad Fucking Pitt. The thing about the RPI is, though, that the committee really doesn't look at it THAT MUCH - it's really treated as more a last-dicth tiebreaker, to be used if nothing else works. They look at your record, your big wins, and your bad losses a lot more than they look at the RPI. But I agree, it will be interesting.



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