Wednesday, April 06, 2005

We don't need your DH

Well, since I did an AL preview, I need to do one for my beloved NL too. Before I do, I'd like to state I'm already furious at fantasy baseball. With a 9-2 lead in the bottom of the fifth, Cubs starter Carlos Zambrano needs one more out to qualify for the win. He's struggled a bit with his control and the umpire hasn't been to generous with him either. For those who don't follow the Cubs that much, let me say that Zambrano can be a times. Nonetheless, he needs one out. He proceeds to walk the bases loaded and then walk in a run. Dusty decides to give him the hook with a six run lead. FUCKING DUSTY BAKER!!! JUST LET HIM GET THE WIN. Instead, he doesn't, leaves with a whip of almost 2 and then gets tossed by the ump for arguing. I liked the final touch, it just made it worthwhile somehow. However, Fu should be more fu-rious. He left Hurly-Buerhle on his bench while he 2-hits the Indians. Nice work. Anyway, prediction time...

NL East

1st: Braves (95-67)
Look, they do it every year. This team is 3x better than last year. Hudson will rock. The lineup is solid. I might expect a mid-season trade for this team. Some bullpen help and maybe a Todd Helton? We'll see.

2nd: Florida Marlins (88-74)
The best team no one is talking about. The bullpen could be shaky, but if the starters stay healthy, they could challenge the braves. Speed, power, and defense in the lineup. A very solid team.

3rd: Phillies (81-81)
They underachieved last year with some injuries and some sucking. This team is solid but not great everywhere. Probably the best bullpen in the division. If the starting pitching steps up, and Pat Burrell return to previous form, this team is dangerous.

4th: Mets (77-85)
They made all these great off-season moves, and this team still does nothing more me. Pedro is on his way down. Benson is WAY overpaid. Beltran will be good, but suffer a bit in Shea. There's a lot of question marks for me on this team.

5th: Nats (70-92)
They won't be a great team, but should be competitive. The lineup is pretty weak, and the starting pitching is mediocre at best. The pen isn't bad, but there's a not a lot great about this team

NL Central

1st: Cardinals (98-64)
A totally unstoppable offensive force. With the addition of Mulder, a now very solid pitching staff. They lost some bullpen depth, but that's easily replaced at mid-season. Losing Renteria may hurt more than they realize.

2nd: Cubs? (88-74)
This team goes as the injuries go. If Prior and Wood are healthy (that's a big if), and Borowski can return and be effective, this is a playoff team. Addition by subtraction with Sosa moving on. Hairston gives them MI depth with speed this team has never seen. Burnitz could be solid. However, starting Hollandsworth is not a good thing.

3rd: Astros (83-79)
The starting pitching is very good. The bullpen isn't. The offense is fading fast. I hate the astros and can't wait until Biggio and Bagwell are gone. I hate the astros.

4th: Reds (75-87)
Where's the staring pitching? It's not on this team. The offense will be fun, but stopping scoring will be tricky

5th: Brewers (71-91)
Outside of Sheets, the pitching, well, sucks. There's a lot of young talent here with 3 legit rookie of the year contenders. "don't look now, but we're a contender!!" For rookies anyway.

6th: Pirates (64-98)
Guh...they aren't very good. The lineup is weak.

NL West
Basically this whole division sucks and I don't wanna break it down. Let's day the Padres win and the Rockies will have the worst record in baseball. Also, I think Todd Helton will be traded.

MVP: Andruw Jones
Everyone is saying Pujols. I think a Brave deserves some pub here.
Also consider: Rolen, Errormiss

Cy Young: Ben Sheets
I don't know if a guy from a bad team will win it, but his numbers will probably be unreal.
Also consider: Hudson, Mulder, Zambrano, Oswalt

Playoffs: Marlins over Cubs in one game for Wild Card spot. Moises shows up to piss all over me just to rub it in, or out, whatever.

Cardinals vs. Marlins
Braves vs. Padres

Braves over Marlins to the WS

From my previous post, I picked the Sox from the AL. So let's say that the AL wins the all-star game, and Helton is a brave, carry the one...Braves over Red Sox in 6


At 12:36 PM, April 07, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Before I do, I'd like to state I'm already furious at fantasy baseball."

Our league should be called 'Todd whines again!!'

Get it?


- Nips


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