Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bubble Trouble

I read everyone's comments, and I have decided to make a couple changes. I re-looked at ND and decided they should be right on the edge, but still out. Wichita St. lost again (5 losses in 6 games), so I'm giving them the heave out of the field. Everyone else moves up one. If ND beats rutgers and wins one in the Big East tourney, that would make them the last team in. That's due to them beating Indiana head-to-head.

I just got a look at the most recent (Feb 28th) bracket on collegerpi.com. I generally think it's the best one. However, I'm not sure what's going on this year with them. I compared it to mine and there were a couple of differences. First off, they have 6 current conf. leaders in by virtue of winning the conf. (Utah, So Ill, Miami (OH), St. Joes, Nevada, and Pacific) They have left out Wichita St, which I have decided now is also out. Also, one of my "lock" teams isn't in there field of 65: George Washington. I have a hard time leaving them out. No losses outside the RPI 150, only 2 non-conf losses were at wake and at west virginia, wins over mich. state, maryland, and two over dayton. The rpi isn't that good at 61 and 18-6 overall. To me, that's a lock. Here's the interesting stuff, by including those teams as conf. winners and taking GW out, it opens up 7 spots for at-large teams. Here's who collegerpi filled it with...

Notre Dame - I think they'll probably make it now
G-town - ok, I had them in my last four out anyway
UTEP - uhhhh
Iowa St. - c'mon
Buffalo - why does everyone like this team?
Akron - wow
Kent St. - lots of MAC love, I guess

If you're going to put Iowa St. and Kent St in, how could you leave Indiana out? Even more so, what have those teams done better than GW?? Arg. Maybe collegerpi loves it's own rpi a bit too much. I'm not sure, but those teams seem a bit crazy. Another "lock" team of mine I went back and looked at was St. Mary's. A really good rpi and a win over gonzaga. But honestly, the rest of the resume is very, very weak. I'll be curious to see what happens to them.

Jimmie Dykes did a pre-game report last night on espnews. In it, he questioned whether or not UNC is clearly the 2nd best team in the country. THANK YOU MR. DYKES!!! He claimed that the media has decided they're good and refuse to admit otherwise. I couldn't agree more. He said it was crap that wake beat carolina yet they're still ranked below them. Yes and yes. I would except carolina to be exposed in the tourney as a fraud. Kansas too. Eat it media.


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