Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Intentional Sexism

In racing when there's a wreck and someone gets mad...

Men confront the guy whose fault it was most of the time...

Women try to confront guy 100% of the time...

Gees ladies calm down.

Monday, May 19, 2008

This will be the end of the NBA

So no one over the age of 23 can advance in the NBA playoffs this year. That's no fun. It's still possible you know...David Stern will do anything he can to prevent it, but what if it happens? Can you imagine how boring that split screen head thing they're doing...Billips and Duncan...that's right...your 2008 NBA Finals...

The Spurs vs. The Pistons! I would go 0-7 on watching this series as would the rest of the country. My first positive thought after the Cavs lost was "At least I don't have to hear De-Troit-basket-ball!" a hundred effing times a game. I'd rather watch the Bill Engval Show

Should this nightmare series happen ratings could be as low as NHL or something women like. Unless we get a Lakers vs. Celtics match up, the NBA will continue to slide in popularity.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nothing has changed in the NBA

Yes an NBA ref was busted for fixing a game but nothing has changed. Watching the NBA playoffs reminds me of a reality show. If you win the first challenge of the episode than you get some sort of advantage for the next competition. Like on Biggest Loser, the winner of the first challenge gets to deduct 2 lbs. off their weigh in for the week. This concept is almost understood and accepted in the NBA. You have to be at least 15 points better than a team that night to win on the road. I only watch the NBA during the playoffs for the most part but I'm in disbelief at how bad the officiating is...for example, that foul on West when Garnett had that breakaway. He wasn't even near him but the ref knew it would get the crowd pumped so he called a foul.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

LeBron gives us flashback

2-18? Wow King James, thanks. Way to match a stat from the 2007 NCAA game (ours were 3's).

Mark my word, he will come back and score about 31 in another close loss this weekend! A bold stance, I know, but last year may have been a fluke.

I really don't have much else to report, I just wanted to take that dead horse article off of the top.

Oh, we're ranked #1 on because 18 of 22 starters are back. Beating USC would be sweet. Sweeter than a song girl's ass.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Big Brown wins

...and some other horse fell...that usually means they have to shoot it right? I look forward to hearing cocky comments until The Preakness. 8 Bells got 2nd and then collapsed..typical female. ha-HA!

Congrats to Big Brown, the first African-American horse to win the Derby.

It was either this or womens golf

Kentucky Derby day and I'm in Tulsa, Oklahoma doing shows. My friend, Bob Costas, is covering the event on NBC. As I start this entry it's about 40 minutes until race time. I wasn't going to write anything but something unbelievable happened a few minutes ago. As they were walking Big Brown from a stable to probably some other stable, a grown man could be heard in the background singing, "Overrrr-raaated!" Yeah, take that horse! You and your 5-2 odds can suck it! Sure none of these horses even give a shit about winning (even the intellectual Big Brown). I can't decide if I like Big Brown's trainer/owner/whatever the hell he is. He's very cocky and with an hour of pregame coverage for 2 minutes of action we almost need it.

Other notes:
-Ahh, a promo about the Olympics. They're sure to be an awesome disaster.

-I've got Visionare at 23-1 (I promise I typed this well before race time)

-There's a voting contest for favorite hat. Why?

-Turns out Visionare's owner owned Barbaro...they just asked him if Visionaire belongs in the race...not a good sign.

-No one is going to read this until late August

-Big Brown is not handling the environment very well--uh oh! He couldn't handle the overrated chants afterall.

-"Much the best? Why do they keep saying that?" Exacto 20-19 by one dumbass announcer.

-How does one pronounce "Gayego?"

-My friend Jim AND Reader Wise have picked Pyro. Jim is the luckiest person I know, Reader Wise...the opposite.

Let's see what happens...