Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm just saying

I was going to post a big blog listing the our worst loses in the recent era. Blah blah blah 35-3 two weeks ago, Air Force in that bowl game, Northwestern in '04 (because it was our first loss to them in 30 years and I was in their section), Florida, LSU...but instead of that I'm sitting here at halftime of the USC OSU Oregon State game saying to myself, "Wow, it's amazing what they're doing with their starting running back." I'm just saying...

(I also was just saying two years ago when I pointed out how much not having Ted Ginn Jr. hurt us)

I'm not sure what to look forward to this fall. We're not undefeated, the Bears are losing games in a row, the Yankees don't even interest me in their bi-annual 4 game series loss to the Angels in the first round. I've hopped on the Cubs bandwagon but that doesn't sounds reliable either.

Things in my mind are changing. I used to be able to stand up for the Big Ten and the Republican Party, but what do I have to stand on anymore? The Big Ten doesn't win, and I'm driving an $800 car.

I also wanted to point out that I think The Office just showed its first signs of jumping the shark by having Ryan come back tonight as a temp again. That was ridiculous for so many reasons.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


So are we going to get a weekly Teabow segment? Last week it was his missionary trips and preaching, this week his weight room efforts, next week his sexual escapades...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Homophobia And Sexism To Get My Point Across

I realize that having a strong conference helps a team get into a better bowl game at the end of the year. Sure, when Northwestern wins we all win, and I even mentioned that in the last post but this rooting for your conference shit has gotten out of hand. The SEC is gay for each other! They're emailing ESPN from Arkansas (surprised me too) about how Georgia shouldn't have lost it's top spot to USC to which I say, "Oh no! The bowl season is almost here, it's urgent to complain about this right now!"

Maybe it's because the Big Ten is like the kinda-fat girl at the dance. She's got great cleavage, but it's all made of mushy fat and on a day to day basis it's not there. Meanwhile the SEC is a firm assed chick while the Pac 10 is more of a pretty face. Well guess what, the reason the Big Ten gets the chance to be crowned is because SHE PUTS OUT! People talk about her and vote for her because at some point in her life she did something for them.

If we should beat USC and still not be ranked #1 I don't see the fine folks of, say, East Lancing writing in and bitching about it. Stop being so gay for your conference and remember how much you hate those people when they're against you that one Saturday per year.